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Customer Service Training Provided in Boston

Firms in Boston Require the Best Customer Service Representatives

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Boston customer service

Customer service training programs by Training For Success are designed for all types of businesses and tailored to meet your specified targets and objectives.

Energize Your Sales Team with Workshops Tailored to Your Customer Service Goals

At Training For Success, the interactive and personalized programs provide:

  • Role playing activities that stress the importance of the material and form each strategy to shape the reps' individual personalities.
  • Individual training in customer service guide the training toward results that can calm any customer quickly and satisfy their needs.
  • Smaller class sizes guarantee individual consideration as needed.
  • Real-life examples based on customer service in the Boston marketplace.

At Training For Success, We'll Turn Complaints into Compliments

A Couple of Sample Customer Service Programs:

  1. Half-Day Seminar – A.N.A.W.A.R.D.-Winning Customer Service
  2. Full-Day Seminar – The Art of Turning Challenge into Cheers

Course Outlines

Intensive Half-day Seminar:

A.N.A.W.A.R.D.-Winning Customer Service


The half-day program gives your customer service team techniques in the industry that help them dominate the discussion quickly and settle heightened situations.

Your customer service team will keep each customer happy via:

  • Advantageous rapport-building strategies to make long-lasting customer service relationships
  • How to engage the customer's interest quickly and guarantee a good first impression
  • Four groups of trust-building questions to find the customer's needs
  • The one imperative technique to handle objections from the intense customers
  • Eight steps to disclose the secret ideas that prevent a customer from letting go of an issue
  • Four-part practice that emphasizes how the customer is helped from the result over the competitors
  • Seven solutions to ensure the customer leaves with a smile
  • Through role-playing exercises, these practices become like second nature

Comprehensive Full-day Seminar:

The Art of Turning Challenges into Cheers


This customer service program gives your sales team the skills and techniques necessary to increase the amount of customers that leave happy, regardless of their experience or expertise. It includes all of the benefits and customer service techniques reviewed in the half-day seminar plus even more.

Additional things your customer service team will learn about:

  • How to enhance helpful word-of-mouth regardless of how heated the situation
  • Four steps to help customer service reps focus on results instead of problems
  • How to turn complaints into opportunities for a repeat customer
  • Three strategies that ensure customer service reps listen better
  • Recognize why customers gripe and how to use that information
  • Decipher body language and the true meaning behind spoken words
  • Seven activities to handle the most common challenges and objections that have reps reach all of their capability

We will interview your customer service representatives so we know how to present the most relevant and highest quality of customer service training workshops


In order for us to give you the best workshop possible, we first become members of your team. We evaluate the current strategies used in your business, and then create a plan to improve them. We are available at a location of your choosing, whether that's your office, our Boston Training Center, or another convenient location for you.

If you'd like more info on customer service workshops in Boston and throughout the US, call 
(866) 228-2435 or e-mail us at

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