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Energize Your Telemarketing Team with Custom Training Programs in Boston


Training For Success was Founded Over 25 Years Ago and Built Off of the Telemarketing Industry.
We Can Help Your Team Succeed.


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 Boston telemarketing training

Success for Your Telemarketing Team is Just a Phone Call Away

For many people, telemarketing is a tough job. The continual cold calls that require the same energy can be tiring. Training For Success understands this and knows tools for efficient telemarketing and would be happy to pass them along to you. No matter your business goals, from generating appointments to closing sales over the phone, we'll help with scripting, training and the implementation aspects. Our telemarketing workshop will produce quick results.

Before Your Telemarketing Team Makes Any More Phone Calls, They Should be Trained Properly

In the business of telemarketing, asking the right questions is only part of the process. You also know how to use the answers to your benefit is imperative in order to close the sale. Every telemarketing workshop will teach your telemarketing team the techniques necessary to establish a trusting relationship. They will also learn the listening skills needed to wait for the right answers. Additionally, they will understand the emotional triggers to look for to indicate the close.

Telemarketing Training Program Objectives

The telemarketing program is created to improve your telemarketing team's sales habits and strengthen the skills they need to close more effectively. The RADAR© telemarketing program helps sales reps talk to the prospect in a friendly manner, which creates an environment where prospects sell themselves by understanding their needs, their reason for needing it, and how your company can provide it for them.

Training For Success Will Create a Telemarketing Training Program Specifically and Uniquely for Your Business in Boston

For more info on telemarketing training in Boston, call 866-228-2435 or email

Following is a sample telemarketing workshop outline:
Boston telemarketing training

  1. Program Intro
  2. What is RADAR©
    1. Build rapport
    2. Ask about Difficulties
    3. Affirmations, credibility, and trust
    4. Results
  3. Why RADAR© is Effective
    1. The prospect expresses their interests
    2. The conversation is needs-focused
    3. The perks and results are achievable and pertinent
  4. Asking the Right Questions
    1. The starting point
    2. Guide the prospect
    3. Bridge the gap
    4. Lead, don't follow, the call
  5. Heading to the Close
    1. Review and emphasize the perks
    2. Read the conversation and look for clues
    3. When the prospect obtains their goal, you do too
  6. Summarize and Review
    1. Your account executives will learn telesales strategies that get prospects to share their needs, as well as empower them to use the information to their advantage and close the sale.

Boston telemarketing training proven effective is one phone call away

Telemarketing training workshops are designed for your industry, business, and team. In addition, all programs integrate the techniques used by your top employee.

For more info on telemarketing training in Boston, call 866-228-2435 or email

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